Thursday, January 27, 2022

L-in-g-u-is-d sigh-my-tree of LIFE!

 A cumming in and out part-V with "Mmmmmkay?" halt-ya form-a-III-he's NWO own as the not-Xi do-R's that is st-ill not for say-all...

        A linguistic symmetry from men-her-g wark-d and now a coming out can-T C     X part-he with my MK ULTRA naughty doctors that is STILL  NOT FOR SALE!

When I started testosterone in 2019 I started speaking linguistic symmetry within the first few months of my hormone replacement therapy as a result of my linguistic libido developing the gift of two sentences in one as an encrypted message often in sexualized form, starting with humorous realizations such as:

"Your moans in a bod-all.... make any bitch cum true!"

    Hormones in a bottle, make any wish come true!

I am bigger dick of the guys that want to fuck dead in the head plenty of f should be ish.

    I am sick of the guys that fuck like dead heads (stoners/the fish rots from the head down, as in bad ph levels cause bad leadership) of (a justified rape culture or creepy stuff like on dating apps) such as Plenty of Fish that are like dead fish because of the lack of liveliness in the dating or sex culture.

I do not need M un he.

    I do not need money, as in people are trying to bribe me for money and telling me to stay female by converting my gender identity - which is impossible!

The FBI is too ER-responsible to be taken steer-US-with-me.

    The FBI is too irresponsible to be taken seriously with me.

Pic-do-R's is f for d um d ummms, but not T-his slay-p-oooooooh sex-u-a-III.

    Picture books are fuck for dum dums, but not this sapio sexual. 

*The defining feature of evolution from our ancient ancestor was the linguistic capacity made possible from natural selection. Prior to this, our ancient ancestors spent a lot of time grooming, but evolution took off at a remarkably accelerated rate due to the capacity for language to have evolved which has determined language as a defining feature of dominance in sexual selection, as well as the differentiation between alphas and betas in a hierarchal system.

Fame is not my g-aim.

    Fame is not my game.

I like St-R-rate and d-erect cum-in-u-gay-sin.

    I like it straight and direct communication.


I am do praise he for faze she.

    I am too craz about me as he for all the phases of she's.

D-pour a-III the end of trees.

    Sterilize and deport all the people who will contribute to climate change.

I am fyi-I-d-in-g for my try-at-life.

    I am fighting for my tree of life.

I am the C-on-do-ya-R in this not even a black op-R-rate-in sir-rounding the you-man C-is-on d-is-in spear-it-u-all-even-if-I-am-a-he.

    I am the conductor in this black operation surrounding the human condition of spirituality.

V-on-his is not my gay-M. My plan-on-I-T is MA-R's.

    Venus is not my game/gender identity. My planet is Mars.

I Nye-d u d-p state in an-other Minn-is-still-a-d.

    I like Bill Nye's deep state in my "mind/my-d/Minnesota is the Many Waters of the woman in Revelation and the rushing water of Jesus."

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