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            Aliens have been the talk of the town in Hollywood films, with too many movies to list. All over world, people talk about UFO’s and aliens as if they were a potential happening. “What if we were not alone?” they ask. “This universe is too big to house just us,” many say. The truth is that UFOs are here and they might have always been, but the people that could benefit from its disclosure don’t all believe it because governments have not made the information mainstream enough for them to see it, therefore viewings are not seen as credible in the eyes of the world governments or the people. While some countries de-classify the sightings, they haven’t made a massive public announcement. 
            On an individual level, there are government officials who recognize the credibility of UFO researchers. In the book “UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record,” Leslie Kean, the author, requested that John Podesta, the former White House Chief of Staff, write the forward. Making this book even more credible, John Podesta starts the forward by saying that he supports the work of investigative journalism. This includes Leslie Kean and her organization, the Coalition for Freedom of Information, which was launched in 2001 (Kean 2010: 6). This organization obtained documents about UFOs through what is known nationally as the Freedom of Information act (6). 
            According to Podesta, Kean and her co-writers seek to establish a small U.S. government agency to cooperate with other countries that are also formally investigating, reviewing, and releasing information relevant to the UFOs. Kean expects this new organization to handle the documents, and any future investigations, with openness and efficiency (7). In Kean’s book, Podesta says that it’s time for “governments, scientists, and aviation experts to work together in unraveling the questions about UFOs that have so far remained in the dark. It’s time to find out what is really is that’s out there” (7). Podesta says that Kean seeks to do this, but she still isn’t so known (7).
            The military, who is also involved in supporting the research, put John B. Alexander up to the task of understanding this issue, while bringing other governments into the picture. He was a Green Beret vet who served in Southeast Asia. He is also a Doctor who has also served in high-level management positions since he retired from the Army with the grade of colonel. The assignments that have been given to him have brought him into contact with many of the highest scientific and governmental circles in the US and Europe (Alexander 2011: xiii). In response to so many sightings, the Advanced Theoretical Physics Projects (ATP), was created. Alexander says that its primary location was in the “spacious office” funded by the government in Tysons Corner, Virginia (6). He says that the Department of Defense had the responsibility to study what people were seeing (6). 
            Alexander says that there is an abundance of UFO cases. It makes selecting a certain one to use as an example difficult (Alexander: 155). These sightings are not just happening in America. The US government knows this, so they research them all over the world, including what Alexander considers to be the most important case: at the Royal Air Force Base at Bentwater in the United Kingdom in 1980 (155). The reason this one stands out is because so many people saw the UFO, but in this particular case it was seen by highly qualified U.S. Air Force personnel. These particular personnel were from the Personal Reliability Program, which means they had undergone “extensive psychological testing prior to being assigned to sensitive positions” (155). This example demonstrates that the public is not alone in its curiosity. 
            In both books, John B. Alexander and Leslie Kean describe countless cases of UFO sightings that had been recorded and documented by the US government over the course of many decades. There is a strong stigma if communicated, and despite the strong evidence supporting this case, which had been seen by many, still, a strong stigma exists against talking about UFOs. Despite all the evidence that Alexander and Kean outline, and the U.S. government knowledge of it, there are so many people who are approached with skepticism in the accounts of witnessing a UFO.
            Regardless of the stigma, the people and the media are interested in UFOs. Even though there is a stigma, most people believe in and are interested in UFOs. On November 7, 2006, there was an “unimaginable happening” at the Chicago O’Hare Airport during the afternoon rush hour. For approximately five minutes, “a disc-shaped object hovered quietly over the United Airlines terminal and then cut a sharp hole in the cloud bank above while zooming off” (Kean: 72). Kean says that not a lot of people had heard about it until a story about it broke in the Chicago Tribune almost two months later, which lead to CNN, MSNBC, and other networks all making a news story of it (72). The story goes that a pilot announced its sighting over an inbound ground radio for all the grounded planes (72). Kean says there was a “buzz” at United Airlines about this event (72). It’s no wonder the story surfaced, just not right away. Stories like this happen all over the world.
            Alexander quotes a poll that says that the majority of the population believes that the U.S. Government is withholding information about extraterrestrials (Alexander: 75). He quotes a 1997 CNN/Timepoll that says that 80 percent of Americans thought that their government hides knowledge of the existence of extraterrestrial life (75). In 2002, another poll was taken, a Roper Poll, which reported results that were similar, indicating that 72 percent of Americans believe that aliens have contacted humans. It says that 68 percent believed that the “government was hiding information that was known about extraterrestrial life” (72). From the Roper respondents, 12 percent reported that they have or somebody they know have seen a UFO at close quarters (72). He reports that 2 percent have experienced a close encounter with a UFO. That’s six million Americans (75).
            The paradigm surrounding UFOs involved secrecy yet a shared curiosity in the US and around the world. Many New Age cults have responded through “channeling” the aliens of hearing reports from people that have encounters. There is a big online community called Gaia that conveys information about extraterrestrials, and CSETI does its part too. The original SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) searched out for outside intelligence using radio frequencies, which they received back. The experiment proved to be incorrect and that this feedback device was not working properly. CSETI (Center for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) has had a better outcome, which they talk about in the movie “The Unexplained,” which involved groups of believers getting together and then summoning UFOs, which do indeed come and they can even prove it on camera. Shows like Ancient Aliens seek to tackle the theories on mythology, but are they too subjective to get through to the masses? Do people just not care?
            Raymond Duvall, in the essay Sovereignty and the UFO, says that, even despite people like John B. Alexander and John Podesta doing research into it, that “UFOs have never been systematically investigated by science or the state, because it is assumed to be known that none are extraterrestrial” (Wendt & Duvall 2008: 607). How can this be if so many people in the government have come forward, and also shows like Ancient Aliens, which lead the public to believe in their series? The truth is that it’s a matter of sovereignty, that humans don’t want to believe that aliens created us when we are the rulers of earth (608). Ever since the enlightenment, the super natural has taken the back burner. Still though, theories like intelligent design and ancient alien theory get proven wrong, who is to say that Ancient Aliens won’t be? Not knowing certainly adds to the mystery…
            There’s a lot of stuff out there. It’s hard to sort through what is wrong and what is right, but the truth is that people have been seeing UFOs, and it has been in the mainstream media too. Why are not the politicians speaking on it? It is because it seems like people don’t know what to do about extraterrestrials? Adding it to political debates would be adding flames to a fire, so they keep it quiet, leaving esoteric websites like SiriusDisclosure.com to convey the documents of nations like the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Vatican City, Japan, Ireland, France, and Chile, all nations who have disclosed UFOs, but just not in a way that has reached the general public, so instead they communicate the information quietly (Siriusdisclosure.com 2019). 
            An interesting idea from international relations theorist, Alexander Wendt, came about in a written interview called “Theory Talks: Alexander Wendt” on UFO’s, Black Swans, and Constructivist International Relations Theory.” When asked if international relationships were having an “identity crisis,” he said that it, “certainly has become an incredibly diverse terrain…” (Wendt 2008: 3). He disagreed that it was an identity crisis, but that there are a lot of contradictory positions in IR. He says that in the US a lot of people “demand very rigorous science in order to find the Truth with a capital “T” (3). He says that advancement is dependent on people accepting that there are “interesting positions in other fields from which we can learn a lot” (3). This is where the paranormal experts would come into plays: digging into the massive amounts of documentation from groups, including the CIA, who have done the research, just not politically on a macro level.
            These new age “cults” have some pretty remarkable findings. The problem is they are being hushed by “the man” who want to preserve Christianity because it helps them to win votes, at least in America. While authoritarian nations censor it, media outlets in the US every-once-in-a-while document a sighting caught on camera, but not at the word of the governments of the world. Where is the G7 in this matter? Or the G20? Or even BRICS? These sightings and experiencing are documented and sometimes even captured on camera. There may be a debate, but it’s just not yet a capital “T” truth. Most people can handle the truth, but they just don’t seek it out.
            Drezner points out that in a liberal paradigm, which is what the world is leaning towards, a liberal paradigm would present two paradigms of a result of a his example of a zombie attack in his book on international relations. The first, some countries would not provide timely information about a zombie outbreak until the main problem had increased to being beyond local control (Drezner 2015: 60). Drezner says that authoritarian nations are often “reluctant to admit health crises because of the threat of such an admission could have on state control over society” (60-61). As America becomes more authoritarian, information is being suppressed, thus the reason for not releasing many of the reports. The second has more to do with a local happening. 
            Developing countries would be at risk, just as they would be a zombie attack, says Drezner. Just as they would lack the infrastructure to recognize the reemergence of the living dead, they would also not communicate it to other countries, like China’s refusal to notify the rest of the world of a severe SARS outbreak (61). Why must it be assumed that the aliens would be harmful though? Although Stephen Hawkins says it would be equivalent to what the white man did to the Native Americans, that doesn’t mean it’s true.
            The truth is that UFOs are a world issue that often goes ignored. People in the government have come forward, but it has been mostly up to American hegemony and the soft power associated with it to speak to the masses, while leaving the issue still up to be stigmatized. The show Ancient Aliensdepict them as our gods, but modern physicists don’t like the idea because it doesn’t match up with their theories. Just to further a point, the Roman calendar was able to discover that there are 365 days a year before the invention of the telescope. Is it really not possible that there wasn’t an intelligence source telling them this information that is beyond epistemological observation?
 Governments of this world are taking this issue and turning it into hard power instead of edifying the masses by building soft power through a world announcement. Until we achieve a more liberalized society, a new spiritual paradigm will still be in the “cult” phase of religion. If there isn’t disclosure, world leaders would be leaving all the world’s religious conflicts still up to be dated to stuff hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years old, instead of creating a new religious paradigm in the whole world. Although many governments have come out openly about UFOs, the US should be leading more to. 

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